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French Bridal Painting DVD - JD111
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French Bridal Painting DVD - JD111

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The Alsace Region of Northern France seems to have a beautiful history of these early pieces. Very distinctive is the use of fairly large descending strings of dots (White or Vermillion), which are often interpreted as being a stylized Lily-of-the-Valley, but could also relate to the designs by Jacques Hurtu, which incorporated descending strings of pearls (in 1614). The French call the pearl patterns cosse-de-pois (pea-pod patterns). This idea was very popular in the early 1600’s. The flowers are stylized and varied in form. Shadows and highlights are represented mainly through hatching designs.

Flower patterns spread out over the background, often black, like a carpet or tapestry. Love symbols, paired birds, hearts, entwined hands, or couples, are an indication that most of the pieces were intended as love gifts.

Here I present my interpretation of French bridal painting style, using more jewel-like colors and beautiful (tipping and side loading) strokework techniques. For more inspiration on this style, look at old French or Italian tapestries and manuscript painting.

208 Minutes

Supplies needed to paint the design: